Better Public Transport, Safer Cycling and Walking

Green Councillors promote safe cycling and walking, December 2017

County Councillor Gina Dowding proposed the following motion at full Council in December 2017. She has since met with officers to support the work specifically of the Guild Wheel Users Group who campaign to keep the integrity of this strategic cycling route around Preston from being interrupted and being made less safe by the infrastrucutre developments associated with the Preston City Deal.


The motion was amended as no other group on the County would support the concept of a ring-fenced proportion of transport infrastructure spend being allocated to cycling and walking. This however is recognised as good practice for ensuring excellence in provision of safe routes.

The Lancashire Cycling and Walking Strategy will be published early next year (2018 - not yet published). Council recognises that every day journeys are from home to school, home to work, home to the station, or home to shops or community facilities. Council will therefore ensure that the Cycling and Walking Strategy will address the key issues for increasing cycling and walking as normal travel modes for local trips:  

(i)            That cycling and walking trips will be safe, direct, convenient and comfortable and will be seen to be safe and convenient by those who might change from other modes to cycling or walking or who might let their children cycle or walk to school.

(ii)          That the County's major infrastructure asset for cycling and walking, i.e. the road network, is safe and convenient for cyclists and pedestrians and  will:-

-       Reduce danger to cyclists from vehicles on our busy roads.

-       Prioritise cyclists and pedestrians trying to cross busy roads and junctions.

-       Enable cyclists to take direct routes instead of being forced onto circuitous routes that have been optimised for motor traffic.

-       Prevent the obstruction of footways with parked cars, overgrown hedges and trees, and poorly maintained surfaces and drains.

-       Help children to walk and cycle to school safely and conveniently to reduce the 'school run' and prepare them for Active Travel in later life.

(iii)         That Council Officers are provided with the funding and training necessary to pursue these objectives.

(iv)         That Local Cycling and Walking groups' views will be taken on-board to help validate the strategy and the highway schemes that affect it.

(v)          That Council will commit to ring fencing 10% of all highways transport infrastructure spend to improving cycling and walking infrastructure. NOT INCLUDED IN THE FINAL VOTE WHICH WAS OTHERWISE UNANIMOUSLY SUPPORTED


Council notes that the additional aim of the Cycling and Walking Strategy of promoting Centres of Excellence will not, however good Centres of Excellence may be for leisure, begin to address replacing car trips by active travel for every day journeys. In fact they increase car trips as people drive to the centres of excellence.



Cycle Lanes

Dynamo Cycle Campaign has submitted an e-petition to the county council for cycle lanes on South Road in Lancaster. As a result of a lack of effective traffic management measures, South Road has the fourth highest number of deaths and serious injuries on Lancaster roads for cyclists. Dynamo spokesman and Green City Councilor candidate Paul Stubbins said "Cycle lanes will be a valuable step towards encouraging cycling and will result in much better traffic flow for all vehicles that use this route. Existing parking on South Road would not be affected.”
Paul Stubbins met with Cllr John Fillis, Cabinet member for Highways and Transport, in January 2015, and with the County Council’s Road and Transport Safety Manager in March, to review the locations and details of accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists in the City Centre and on the A6.  Relatively inexpensive solutions have been identified, include remodelling of junctions, keep clear markings, improved marking of existing cycle lanes, and better signage to help safety and movement of all road users.  Further safety improvements, including additional cycle lanes, will be proposed as part of the transport masterplan consultation which runs until May 7th 2015.

New District Bus User Group launched 2015

Green Councillors Abi Mills and Gina Dowding were key to founding and  launching a new district wide Bus Users Group (BUG). The BUG is now an established  forum to feedback to both the commercial operators and the County Council on how the existing services could be made better. The BUG gave details feedback on timetabling improvements on key routes. See the BUS USER GROUP website  for the dates and locations of future meetings.



The BUG will be feeding into proposal for a Bus Rapid Transport Scheme being developed by the County Council

The money for the proposed Bus Rapid Transport Scheme will come from the Housing Structure Fund. County will find out about this by end of April. 20 million of the money applied for will be spent on sustainable transport associated with the  Bailrigg Garden Village. It looks like it won’t happen unless BGV goes ahead. 

There are  proposed three proposed  routes, Ashton Road, A6 and A6/Barton Road/Bowerham Road. All have pros and cons, some more than others. 

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