United Resistance at Preston New Road

4 June 2018

United Resistance at Preston New Road
Please support these anti-fracking events over the next fortnight which NLGP members and supporters have been involved in organising. We need big numbers there every day so please bring along some friends to the Cuadrilla site at Preston New Road, PR4 3PH.
TUESDAY 17th APRIL – MUSIC AND MAYHEM   (Bring something to bash!)
*  In the morning, there will be live music from singer and guitarist Maggie McCreath.
*  Around midday, bring your most tuneful pots, pans or other percussion instruments and join Iain Hunter for some ‘Pandemonium’ - improvised rhythmic fun.
*  At 1 pm(ish) lunch will be provided at the gates by wonderful volunteers from the Maple Farm Community Kitchen.
*  In the afternoon, there will be folk music and dancing led by Celia Briar, Andy Hornby and friends.
WEDNESDAY 18th APRIL – ‘APRIL SHOWERS’ DAY    (Bring an umbrella and something to make music with!)
*  From 9.30-10.30 am, start the day with some lively parping and honking from ‘Burst Horns’ – a funky 4-piece brass band. 
*  Around 11 am there will be the regular Wednesday ‘women’s call for calm’, in which women wearing white hold a short silent vigil at the gates. (Men are welcome too).
*  Around 11.30 am Pete Moser will lead some spontaneous music-making with whatever we have to hand (voices, kazoos, bells, drums or other noisy things!)
*  At 1 pm(ish) lunch will be provided at the gates by wonderful volunteers from the Maple Farm Community Kitchen.
*  From 2 pm, come rain or shine, we’ll line up with umbrellas and dance to some weather-themed tunes. Tape the word ‘NO’ to your umbrella (spare umbrellas and coloured tape provided on the day if you haven’t got any!)
A packed programme has been organised for this week involving a wide variety of different faith groups. The events include vigils, readings, talks, guided walks, prayers, songs and dances, rituals, meditation, and more. See https://nofaithinfracking.org/events/ for the full programme.
Info about how to get to Preston New Road by public transport or by car, and facilities nearby (parking, café, toilets, etc), can be found here: https://reclaimthepower.org.uk/fracking/preston-new-road/
If you would like to share a car or travel with others by train/bus from the Lancaster/Morecambe area, or for more information, please contact lancasterfightsfracking@outlook.com or 07835 794 229.
United Resistance: https://en-gb.facebook.com/UnitedResistanceUK/
Lancaster Fight Fracking: https://www.facebook.com/groups/624416087591312/

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