Greens object to Chancellor’s Wharf footpath closures

29 July 2018


Green councillors are objecting to a planning application (18/00570/FUL) made by the university to install security gates, walls, a hedge and signage - all to discourage members of the public from using the footpaths across Chancellor’s Wharf. 

This is despite a legal agreement signed at the time of the original construction requiring the main route through the site to be maintained ‘at all times’, and the canal-side route around the two other accommodation blocks from ‘sunrise til sunset’.

Castle Ward Green Cllr Dave Brookes said “These footpaths link the canal towpath to the south end of the city centre, and they are well-used and need to be preserved. Sending people up the steep ramp or steps by Basin Bridge will not work for older people and those with disabilities. At the other end of the site people will be forced to cross Aldcliffe Road at a dangerous point opposite Queen Street.”

I understand that the university has had some problems with antisocial behavior by some street drinkers. However, Chancellor's Wharf is inside the boundary of the City Centre Public Space Protection Order, so there are other ways that the problem could be tackled without closing the area to the law-abiding public.” 

The main route runs between the canal towpath at Basin Bridge (off Aldcliffe Road) and the area near the pedestrian bridge across to the Water Witch, on the canal side of the south west accommodation block, and via the path through Chancellor’s Wharf car park. The secondary route follows the canal-side around the two north east accommodation blocks. 

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