3 February 2019


Some good news is that in November the City Council voted unanimously to:

  • cancel the eviction notice that had been issued to the Musicians’ Co-op
  • fund structural repairs to the Council-owned building, and
  • negotiate a proper lease to secure the Co-op’s future at Lodge Street.

Green ward councillors Tim Hamilton-Cox and Caroline Jackson worked hard supporting the Co-op to get this result. Tim said: “The Council’s decision was a huge relief for the Co-op after 33 years of uncertainty, but it was frustrating that just two weeks later, the Labour leader tried to backtrack on the Council’s commitment. When another Labour cabinet member did so at December's Full Council meeting, a storm of disapproval from Co-op supporters forced the Council’s Chief Executive to withdraw the eviction notice, as a first step“.

Tim added: "I'm pleased that a funding option to address the structural issues in the building has been included in the Council's draft 2019/20 budget. We have to get that approved then agree the long-term lease, at a rent which gives the Council a return on its investment but is affordable for the Co-op."

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