Meet the Green candidates for Carnforth & Millhead (Patrick McMurray) and the Upper Lune Valley (Nicola Sharkey)

18 November 2021

Patrick McMurray is the Green candidate for the Carnforth & Millhead by-election on 25 November.  He says:

Pat McMurray"My name is Patrick McMurray, I’m originally from Ireland but lived in London and Essex for about 30 years before moving to Lancaster a couple of years ago. I feel very lucky to have moved to the area, and I like nothing more than visiting Carnforth station and exploring the Heritage Centre there. I think the Carnforth bookshop is the best in the area. 

"I’ve been a Green Party supporter for several years and am now the treasurer of the local party, as I slowly came to realise that the happy, comfortable, prosperous lives that I want to see for everybody are best met with Green Party policies. Policies around sustainable communities, social and comfortable housing, decent local transport and satisfying work for all. 

"My work background is with engineering companies, starting in the oil and gas but now I work in offshore wind. It’s been interesting and very positive to see the UK’s offshore engineering industry pivot from oil and gas to wind, a sort of early vision of what the Green New Deal can give us – sustainable prosperity."


Nicola Sharkey is the Green candidate for the Upper Lune Valley by-election on 2 December.  She says:

Nicky Sharkey"I’m a long-term community and environmental activist. I ran my own eco-cleaning service helping out in the home for a number of years. Currently I’m a Freelance Virtual Assistant and studying for my MA in Creative Events Management. I have a Community Leadership degree and have worked on multiple community projects. I fully believe in the power of listening, working together and finding win-win solutions.

"I’m standing for the Greens as I wish to work towards a fairer, more democratic society that respects all peoples of the world, animals and their habitats. I am essentially eco-centric meaning that we are a part of nature and being in nature is essential to the well-being of the human condition.

"Lancaster benefits from the constant hard work and genuine contributions of Green councillors, and I would like to be part of that team."

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