Green Party's 10 point Guarantee


1. An economy for tomorrow

An innovative economy that means business. A redistribution of power, wealth and jobs, for genuine equality and social security. A new economy of sharing, participation and collaboration.

2. A future unlimited by climate change

A green industrial revolution for a jobs rich, energy efficient Britain. Fossil fuels left in the ground and nuclear power in the past. Every building a power station and every citizen owning the technology.

3. A citizens’ democracy

A country where everyone has a voice. A future negotiated not imposed. A fair voting system that allows you to take back power and where every vote counts. 

4. Borders for a modern world

A humane immigration policy. A community immigration premium to fairly share the benefits of free movement and build strong social connections. Sanctuary for those in need.

5. Common ownership of public services

From our hospitals to our railways, schools, public spaces and housing – smart, properly resourced, future facing public services that are run by the people for the people.

6. A referendum on the terms of any EU deal

Putting people in control. A general election to decide who delivers the deal. A solid commitment to working together to solve common problems.

7. An insurance policy for nature

A promise to always protect the natural world that is our life support system. Every child knowing the value of our bees and bluebells. Every community with access to green space.

8. A new politics of public service

Honest, consistent and principled Green opposition. Cooperating rather than competing with other political parties if it will deliver the best future for Britain.

9. A global force for good

A foreign policy that builds peace. No Trident, whoever’s in charge.  Winning hearts and minds. Trading in green innovation not weapons of destruction. Raising living standards not dropping bombs.

10. A right to digital privacy

An internet that’s free of state or corporate surveillance. A digital economy that protects civil liberties. Every citizen in control of their data.