Bob Bauld


Bob Bauld lives above and runs The Red Door Cafe & Gallery in Halton village and says he is lucky to have a fantastic "working from home lifestyle". He has been self employed for many years doing property renovation which combines his love for recycling old buildings as well as furniture.

Bob joined the Scottish Green’s when he  lived in Galloway and stood in the Dumfries & Galloway County Council elections in 2007.  Bob was involved in Stranraer recycling group and volunteered a lot of time and energy keeping it going against a lot of “red-tape opposition” to recycling.


Bob stood in Halton-with-Aughton ward in the May 2015 local council elections.


Bob says:

 "I joined the Green Party here in Lancaster because it is so obvious to me that our current economic and political system is broken beyond repair and it is the root of far too much unhappiness and stress in people’s lives. Some of the policies of the coalition have been the most unfair and hit the most vulnerable in our society. I believe we need to change course soon or else the consequences are far too scary to imagine. I am in the cafe and anybody can come down and have a chat."