Cllr Nick Wilkinson

Nick WilkinsonNick was born in Kendal but until recently lived and worked in London. For the last 18 months he has been living in the centre of Lancaster and have recently decided to focus more of his time here. He loves the outdoors, walking in the lakes, camping and a little sailing. He is also a member of the Lancaster Aikido club.

Nick has always tried to tie his work in with his passions. His background is NHS management, and he has spent most of my working life in the NHS. He now alternates between managing a portfolio of properties in Lancaster, and freelance project management work for the NHS (focusing on service re-design and capital projects). Nick has always been passionate about public services and has found that working freelance is not as rewarding as working directly within the NHS and it is something that he misses.

His attraction to the Green Party is linked to a number of areas, the key ones being the strong links & engagement with the local community, the focus on a sustainable economy and the strong emphasis on fair and equitable public services.

Nick is putting himself forward to stand for his local ward as he is passionate about Lancaster and would very much like to focus more time working with, and helping people within his local community. He misses the challenges of the public sector and believes that his previous experience and drive will be useful for both the Green Party and Lancaster.