Rex Ambler

Rex Ambler Profile PictureRex Ambler has lived in Silverdale for nine years, having retired as a senior lecturer at Birmingham University, where he taught for over thirty years.  He has written books on religion and politics, including one on the world economic and ecological crisis, Global Theology.  He joined the Green Party in the 80's and stood in both the national and local elections over a number of years.  He was a member of a national working party of the Quakers on 'Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation.'  He is now a member of the National Trust, our local AONB and the Quaker Meeting in Yealand. 


Rex says:

“Green politics is about a new way of living.  It is more than simply a politics of the environment, a bit of a sideshow.  The crisis in our environment is waking us up to the fact that we are destroying the basis of our own life as humans.   For our own survival we have to change our way of life. The passion for economic growth is presently being pursued at the expense of everything else.  We need to learn to live in harmony with the earth and one another.  That is a new moral vision for our times, and it can inform our politics as well as other aspects of our lives.  In the way we govern ourselves we can think about the needs of the community as a whole, and our relationships with one another and the rest of nature.  That is surely the way to a healthy and wholesome life together.”