Roddy Hanson

Too many people are struggling to make ends meet and keep a roof above their heads, while the wealthiest people and companies get ever-bigger tax breaks. We need an economy that is fair and works for everyone, not just the rich.

Here in the Wyre we also face the threat of harmful fumes and polluted water as Theresa May's government presses ahead with fracking despite strong opposition from local residents. Fracking is only supported by only 19% of the population in Britain.

The Lancashire coastal area is under grave threat from rising sea levels to climate change.  We urgently need to reduce global carbon emissions, including our own. The Green Party would phase out fossil fuels and replace them with renewable energy as soon as possible, for a safer and healthier future.

I am heavily involved in campaigning to promote vegan diets, because the meat and dairy industry is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as being bad for animal welfare.