Sean Hughes - Bare Ward Candidate

Sean HughesSean Hughes - Bare Ward Candidate

I have been involved with the Green Party for many years and a member since the early noughties initially in Manchester and now in Lancaster since moving here in 2013. I am a lecturer at Lancaster University working in the Division of Health Research, specialising in palliative and end of life care. I joined the party because of concerns about the environment and how human activity negatively impacts on the planet as a whole. While these concerns have not gone away – I have become more interested in what can be done by us as individuals and in local communities to counter these effects and to live more sustainably. This includes developing policies that protect our green spaces, improve our public transport systems, reduce food miles, and support local business development and jobs among other things. Our current councillors have a proven track record in holding the city and district to account and contributing to a greener agenda. I fully support their work and want to see this continue.