Theo Routh

Theo RouthI've lived in Lancaster for five years now, and over that time, grown to love the city, as many other former students who have settled here have also done. I currently work at Juicafe, and help run regular gaming evenings for the local community in Lancaster. 

I used to live in Lincolnshire, and while there, I sat as a parish councillor. As a councillor, I enjoyed being so connected to the people around me, and I took every opportunity to work with them. My proudest achievement as a councillor was fighting against property developers as I helped write our Local Plan for development, where I prioritised small developments that maintained the character of the area, and were safe from potential flood plains. Having seen the devastating effects that Storm Desmond had on Lancaster first-hand, my priorities for Lancaster would be the same, as well as ensuring that any new development in Lancaster sees the construction of new schools, and other vital public services.

At County level, I would be a strong, and much needed voice for responsible, sustainable development, and prioritising the protection of our schools and museums during this period of considerable budget cuts. While the Greens are likely to be a minority of the council, when appropriate work with the next most progressive, forward-thinking party to achieve these goals, and to keep inappropriate use of our resources in check.

 Click here to open Theo's 2017 Lancashire County Council election leaflet as a PDF.