General Election Results- December 2019

Nationally, the Green Party stood 500 candidates (out of 650) in the General Election - up from 453 in 2017. In North Lancashire and Fylde there were Green candidates in all 4 constituencies, and they all secured an increase in Green votes.  (Results are on the News page.)


Lancaster City Council and European Parliament Elections 2019

North Lancashire Green Party contested over half the seats in the Lancaster City Council elections on 2 May 2019. We targeted 4 wards in Lancaster – and they all turned Green, electing 10 City Councillors (out of a total of 60). We also contested 6 seats in the Wyre Borough Council elections on the same day.

The Green wave swept over the North West later that month, when Gina Dowding was elected the first Green MEP in the European Union elections. She won one of the 8 available seats with 12.5% of the regional vote overall – and 20% of the vote in Lancaster.




Bulk ward (3 seats)

Castle ward (2 seats)

Marsh ward (2 seats)

  • Gina Dowding (1,174 votes - returning to the City Council having done her first stint in 1999-2007)
  • Mandy Bannon (1,109 - new councillor)

Scotforth West ward (3 seats)

The local elections gave no overall control to any political party. As a result, Greens, Labour and the Liberal Democrats have agreed to work together to run the Council. Greens have 3 (out of 10) Cabinet posts.


For more information on current councilllors and election candidates, please see our People page.

To donate to support our candidates in this election please see our Fundraising page.

For more information about supporting North Lancashire Green Party throughout the year, please see our Get Involved page.

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