Jamie sows seeds of sustainable clothing

27 April 2021

Jamie Melly sowing seedsGreen Candidate for Lancaster East, Jamie Melly, joined volunteers on Friday at the launch of the Homegrown/Homespun project in Blackburn.

This is a new project launched by Sewing Bee judge Patrick Grant - and builds on the mission of the @CommunityClothingUK initiative to make sustainable clothing right here in Lancashire.

Jamie helped sow seed into a field created from unused land in the centre of Blackburn which will eventually grow to be a crop of flax and woad. From this they will spin and weave linen, and from the woad they will make indigo dye for denim and then jeans.

Jamie said "As well as creating a great new public green space, new habitats for wildlife and helping to regenerate the soil, this project will inject new life into the textile industry that made Lancashire famous worldwide. This is a fantastic example of the Green economy working for both humans and nature."

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