Abi Mills

Abi Mills

I am a Childminder and Mum of three teenage children. I was elected onto the City Council for Scotforth West ward in May 2014, and have worked hard to represent the residents in the ward and the wider district since then. As well as the usual case work, two of the biggest projects I have worked on are setting up the Lancaster District Bus Users' Group and and the Friends of Dorrington Woods and Play Park.


My husband and I have lived in Lancaster for 21 years and I have been involved in various community projects since then.


I was one of the founder members of the Friends of Greaves Park group, which  included the planning, fund raising and development of the play park. I am also the chair of 16th Lancaster Scouts Executive Committee, based on Dorrington Road, where two of my children were Scouts.  


I would relish the opportunity to represent Lancaster South East on the county council, as so many issues affecting local people are provided by the county council. It will mean I can do a better job at getting residents' voices heard to improve the local area. 


Click here to open Abi's 2017 Lancashire County Council election leaflet as a PDF.