Barbara Mead-Mason

Barbara Mead-MasonBorn and raised in Middlesex, I gained a degree in History from Edge Hill University and then worked for many years in the retail and IT sectors before moving to Carleton in 2003 and changing direction to focus on mainly voluntary roles.


I currently volunteer for Guide Dogs as a puppy walker and speaker and also as a store volunteer for Oxfam.  I work part-time in education and retail and am a busy and devoted mum to 3 children.  I also support Poulton Air Training Corps, as a civilian committee member.


My support of the Green Party began many years ago, as I looked in to policies that would shape a fairer, sustainable and more caring world, becoming disillusioned with the 3 party political system we have in the UK.


I am standing as a Green Party candidate for the Cleveleys South & Carleton division of Lancashire County Copuncil, as I strongly believe that new policies and ideas are needed, that focus on key areas such as sustainability, environmental protection, education, public transport, social planning and infrastructure.


I am passionate about ‘putting back’ in to the community through volunteering and would work hard as a local councillor to make a difference to our local area and everyone in it.