Cllr Dave Brookes - Dukes Ward

Dave Brookes

Dave Brookes has represented Duke’s Ward since 2011. He is a member of Planning Committee and Vice-Chair of Budget & Performance Panel, and was appointed the City Council’s Older People’s Champion for the year 2012/13.


As councillor for Duke’s Ward Dave is an ex-officio trustee of The Friendship Centre - a social centre for older people - and was appointed Chair in 2013. Dave also serves as a trustee for the Lancaster Charity, which owns and maintains a number of almshouse properties in the ward.


Dave is passionate about green spaces both for wildlife value and for public amenity, and uses his background in civil engineering to manage budgets and contractors in the development of the Fauna and Flora nature reserves for the Fairfield Association. He is a trustee of the Fairfield Association and also the Agreement Holder for their Higher Level Stewardship agreement with Natural England.


Dave initiated and chairs the Aldcliffe Rd Triangle project which is in the process of transforming some derelict land near the city centre into a public green space.

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