Mike Wright


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I have lived locally for more than 30 years, first in central Lancaster and now near Caton. My family and I have been deeply rooted in the locality, making great use of local state schools, the NHS and other local services. My professional life has been spent working for Lancaster University, and many of my other interests are locally based, including a Lancaster choir and Lancaster City Football Club.

I have always held strong ideals and principles. While others are concerned about the colour of their passports, in my ideal world nobody would need a passport. It may be unfashionable at present, but I regard myself unashamedly as a citizen of the world.

Only the Greens provide well-led, coherent opposition to the Government's policies of yet harsher cuts to public services, including health, education, social care, transport, etc. Only the Greens take a long-term view of what is best for our society, campaigning for practical and imaginative policies that will lead to a fair, healthy, well-educated, prosperous, sustainable and peaceful future for all, locally, nationally and globally. Only the Greens deserve your vote on May 4th and I am very proud to be one of their candidates.