Paul Stubbins

Paul Stubbins will be standing in Castle ward in May 2019. He has previously stood in the by-election for John O'Gaunt Ward, held on 5th May 2016.


Paul lives in Lancaster and works full-time as a  maths teacher in a local secondary school.   He believes in living together with respect and consideration and has a vision of a more liveable city in Lancaster, in which we have the opportunity to be healthy, safe and happy.


Paul has been active campaigning for pedestrian and road safety for several years as press officer of Dynamo Cycle Campaign and is working tirelessly to ensure design improvements that will make our roads safer.  He has consulted with the Council on the Transport Master Plan and has proposed imaginative solutions to encourage sustainable local transport.


Outside of work Paul has volunteered for the Samaritans for over 20 years, where he has provided a service of emotional support to those in need, and has additionally held responsibilities of branch chairman and leader of outreach work, co-ordinating a team to better support those who are isolated or in crisis.