Ruth Norbury


I have been an environmental campaigner for over 20 years and I am passionate about our planet and the legacy we leave for our children. I have lived and worked in Wyre and Preston North for the last ten years. I have been a teacher for over twenty years and recently took time off to care for my little boy. I lived in North America for four years, where I met my husband. I have campaigned passionately for Frack Free Lancashire and No Gas Storage in Wyre.

Climate Change is the biggest issue of our time and we need bold policies to tackle it. I am standing for The Green Party as I believe that they offer an alternative which prioritizes the environment and an end to increasing social injustice.

Our priorities for Wyre & Preston North would be to:

Ban Fracking Fracking doesn’t make climate sense. The pursuit of fracking in the UK will jeopardise our ability to meet our climate targets and keeps us hooked on fossil fuels. The Government is forcing fracking on communities who do not want it, but by creating frack-free zones we can stop them.

Ensure development is sustainable To provide housing that is suitable for and affordable by local people as well as the land, infrastructure and facilities for work, social and cultural activities as required by the community. To protect land providing other human uses that are essential to the national and local community, such as floodplains, farmland and national parks. To minimise the impact of human development on other species, and to nurture a network of resilient habitats to reverse declining biodiversity.

Build resilience to flooding We urgently need to not just consider flood defences, but land use across catchments, plus the protection of urban areas through sustainable drainage and similar management schemes, while ending the construction of new housing estates in vulnerable areas. And we urgently need the government to adopt the policies that will ensure we play our part in restricting climate change to a total of 1.5 degrees warming.

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