Life after lockdown: building back greener

03 November 2020

What residents who responded to our survey would like to see once the restrictions are over: fewer cars, being in touch with nature, appreciation of key workers and our sense of community spirit.

Possible break-up of Lancashire County Council

28 August 2020

Background to the proposals to replace Lancashire County Council with three unitary authorities

Questionnaire: After lockdown, what kind of future do we want?

11 June 2020

Please complete this short questionnaire about the kind of future we want. Give Green city councillors feedback on what to push for as lockdown is eased.

Greens call for Lancaster-wide 20mph speed limit on all roads and re-allocation of road space

16 May 2020

To support recovery from the Covid-19 emergency and provide a legacy of cleaner, safer transport, Green councillors have called on Lancashire County Council (the highways authority) to implement measures to help cyclists and pedestrians while maintaining social distance.

Coronavirus: what we can do and what's happening

24 March 2020

How to help, where to find information, and what councillors are doing

Publication of "A Sustainable Transport System for the North West"

20 February 2020

Following up on the Green New Deal in the North West, with more detail about the challenges and mechanisms for transforming our public transport system in the region

National election results

06 January 2020

Results of national elections held 12 December 2019

General Election update

22 November 2019

Meet our three Green candidates in the region and find out how you can help

Green motion on recycling agreed by Lancaster City Council

21 November 2019

City Council agrees to recycle more to hit its target of 50% by 2020.

November Green Views online now!

16 November 2019


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