General Election

A HUGE thankyou to everyone who voted Green in the General Election. 

North Lancashire Green Party covers 2 General Election Constituencies. 

In Lancaster & Wyre, our candidate Jack Lenox received 5236 votes, a 12.2% vote share.
In Morecambe & Lunesdale, our candidate Gina Dowding received 2089 votes, a 4.3% vote share. 
We put on a strong campaign focusing on Lancaster and Wyre. The end result was less than we hoped - but still higher than 2015, our previous best, and triple our vote share in the last General Election in 2019. 
Nationally, the Green Party gained all target seats, winning 4 new MPs:
  • Sian Berry in Brighton & Hove
  • Ellie Chowns in North Herefordshire
  • Adrian Ramsay in Waveney Valley
  • Carla Denyer in Bristol Central. 
We can be proud to have been part of the highest national Green vote ever, with over 1.8 million votes. This was 7.2% of the votes overall - a record high! This helps strengthen the case for the media and for parliament to listen to our 4 Green MPs - as they push the incoming Labour government to be bolder and better, on environmental matters and on making this county a fairer place.  

Pictured: Jack and Gina (centre) with Campaign Organiser Cllr Izzy Metcalf-Riener (dark pink jumper, left) and new Councillor from University By-Election Maria Deery (pale pink blouse, right) + other Green party Councillors, Exec, and volunteers in front of Lancaster Town Hall at the General Election count.

Both of our constituencies were new - or had new boundaries - since changes as suggested by the Boundary Commission in 2023. The former Lancaster and Fleetwood changed the most, becoming Lancaster and Wyre, gaining Skerton and Garstang, and losing Fleetwood. Whereas the Morecambe & Lunesdale Constituency changed by losing Skerton, and gaining Arnside and Sedbergh. 

Lancaster and Wyre: Jack Lenox


Our candidate was Jack Lenox, a Lancaster City Councillor for Bulk ward, and the Green Party's national spokesperson for culture, sport and digital inclusion.

Jack is an award-winning practitioner of sustainable software, and set up the Lancaster Cargo Company, the city’s first electric cargo bicycle delivery service during the pandemic lockdowns.

Inspired by this and enquiries he got about where to buy their own e-bike, in 2023 Jack set up E-radicals - a shop in Lancaster city centre selling, and repairing, electric bikes and cargo bikes - which he hopes will help tackle the district’s air pollution and traffic issues, as well as contributing towards tackling the climate emergency.

Jack is a former board member of the Gregson Community Association, and is on the Preston and Western Lancashire Racial Equality and Diversity Council. He is currently the Vice-Chair of Lancaster City Council's Overview and Scrutiny Committee. 


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Jacks Social Media: 

Facebook: Cllr Jack Lenox   Facebook: A Green MP for Lancaster and Wyre  Instagram  Twitter



Lancaster and Wyre Crowdfunder

If you can afford to, please contribute what you can to the cost of our campaign. 


Morecambe & Lunesdale: Gina Dowding


Our candidate was Gina Dowding, a Lancaster City Councillor for Marsh Ward, a Lancashire County Councillor and a former Member of the European Parliament, with a background in Public Health in the NHS and project management in local charities. Gina is the Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Place on Lancaster City Council. She campaigns for investment for safe cycling and walking, and public transport, and funding for improvements to the District's historic and cultural heritage.


Gina says:

"After years of corruption, chaos, and austerity, we need real change. Morecambe needs investment, and development of skilled jobs including in renewable energy. The Eden Project must help local people and have well-planned, sustainable transport and parking. For climate and nature, reducing inequalities and empowering communities: vote Green on 4th July. ”


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Gina's Social Media: 

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For more information about supporting North Lancashire Green Party throughout the year, please see our Get Involved page.


Vote For Policies: Vote Green!


Visit the website at Vote for Policies and take the survey. Compare policies from the manifestos of six UK political parties on a range of key issues. After you have chosen the policies you agree with, you are shown which parties they belong to. 

You can also see full information on the Green Party Policy website about what we stand for - our Core Values, our Philosophical Basis and a detailed record of all the long term policies decided by members at Green Party Conference over 50 years. 

When the next General Election is announced, a Manifesto will be produced to set out our immediate priorities and policy goals that Green representatives would pursue for the term of that Parliament, through an agreed consultative process within the Party.


Previous General Election Results - December 2019


Nationally, the Green Party stood 500 candidates (out of 650) in the General Election - up from 453 in 2017. In North Lancashire and Fylde there were Green candidates in all 4 constituencies, and they all secured an increase in Green votes.  (Full Results here)


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