Wards and Green Councillors in North Lancashire

North Lancashire Green Party has nine City Councillors representing five different City Council wards on Lancaster City Council; Castle, Marsh, Bulk, Scotforth West and University and one County Councillor representing county division Lancaster Central on Lancashire County Council. Your Green Councillors are always pleased to hear from you.

Bulk Ward


Cllr Tim Hamilton-Cox - sits on Budget and Performance Panel, Licensing Regulatory Committee and Appraisal Panel.

Cllr Caroline Jackson - sits on Overview and Scrutiny Committee and Personnel Committee.

Marsh Ward


Cllr Jon Barry - sits on Appeals Committee and Standards Committee.

Cllr Rebecca Joy Novell - sits on Licensing Regulatory Committee.

Castle Ward


Cllr Dave Brookes - sits on Budget and Performance Panel and Planning and Highways Regulatory Committee.

Cllr Nick Wilkinson - sits on Licensing Act Committee and Audit Committee.

Scotforth West Ward


Cllr Abi Mills - sits on Licensing Act Committee

University Ward



County Council Division - Lancaster Central


County Cllr Gina Dowding  - this division represents all of Marsh ward, and parts of Castle, Scotforth West, Ellel wards. Gina is on the Health Scrutiny Committee, Lancashire Pension Fund committe, and two scrutiny task groups 

We also have active ward parties in:

John O'Gaunt Ward

Scotforth East Ward

Ellel Ward (including Glasson, Cockerham & Thurnham)

Skerton East Ward

Halton with Aughton





North Lancs. Green Party City Councillor

Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Caroline Jackson

Budget and Performance Panel

Tim Hamilton-Cox

Licensing Regulatory Committee

Tim Hamilton-Cox, Rebecca Joy Novell

Licensing Act Committee

 Nick Wilkinson

Planning and Highways Regulatory Committee

Dave Brookes, Jon Barary

Personnel Committee

Caroline Jackson

Audit Committee

Nick Wilkinson

Appeals Committee

Jon Barry

Standards Committee

Jon Barry

Council Business Committee

 Abi Mills

Appraisal Panel

Tim Hamilton-Cox

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