Lancaster City Council Local Election Candidates 2023: For Fairer, Greener Communities

We stood a full slate of 61 candidates in the Lancaster City Council Elections on Thursday 4th May 2023. The Green Party were the only party to have a Candidate stand in every seat! 

All candidates are listed below, by Ward. 

Bare  Bolton and Slyne  Bowerham  Bulk  Carnforth and Millhead  Castle  Ellel  Halton-with-Aughton & Kellet  Heysham Central  Heysham North  Heysham South  John O'Gaunt  Lower Lune Valley  Marsh  Overton  Poulton  Scale Hall  Scotforth East  Scotforth West  Skerton  Silverdale  Skerton  Torrisholme   University  Upper Lune Valley  Warton  West End  Westgate




 Lucie Carrington ~ Sean Hughes ~ Andy Lee


Bolton and Slyne


Ceri Mumford ~ Gideon Fleming ~ Janet Swan 




Hamish Mills ~ Sarah Punshon




 Caroline Jackson ~ Jack Lenox ~ Sam Riches


Carnforth and Millhead 


Daren Chandisingh ~ Amelia Jones ~ Jon Sear




Dave Brookes ~ Paul Stubbins ~ Shelagh McGregor


Ellel (including Glasson & Thurnham)


Sally Maddocks ~ Paul Tynan


Halton-with-Aughton and Kellet


James Sommerville ~ Sarah McGowan


Heysham Central


Joanna Young ~ Cai Wingfield


Heysham North


Jan Maskell ~ Patrick McMurray


Heysham South


Gisela Renolds ~ Hildy Wild ~ Maria Deery


John O'Gaunt


Suhir Abuhajar ~ Grace Russell


Lower Lune Valley


Mike Wright ~ Rosie Mills




Mandy Bannon ~ Gina Dowding ~ Nick Wilkinson




Dave Maddocks




Pete Moser ~ Julie McMurray


Scale Hall

            Ceri Turner

Dom HardyCeri Turner ~ Geoffrey Pogson


Scotforth East


Caroline Robertson ~ Nancy Mills


Scotforth West


Abi Mills ~ Tim Hamilton-Cox




Anna McCoy




Emlyn Busby ~ Emily Heath ~ Kathryn Bain




Rob Livesey ~ Rebecca Willmott




 Tom Fish ~ Isabella Metcalf-Riener


Upper Lune Valley



Jamie Payne


Warton (including Yealand)


Cllr Sue Tyldesley


West End


Clara Bandzus ~ Sarah Hester ~ Mark Westcombe




Kathy BashfordJago WestawayAlison Gordon


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